Hag Services

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Private Homes

weekly ★ bi-weekly ★ monthly cleaning ★ one-off cleaning ★ Spring cleaning ★ move in / out cleaning ★ post-construction cleaning ★ mother-in-law coming to town cleaning ★ date night cleaning ★ nesting cleaning for expectant parents ★ pre- and post-party cleaning ★ We clean any size apartment, condo, or house ★ We provide all supplies and equipment

Building Management Companies (Common Areas)


move in / out cleaning ★ pre – listing cleaning

Office Spaces

weekly / monthly cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning – we’re the best!

Hag Specialties

Hag Deep Cleaning is:


Top and outside of kitchen cabinets – inside if empty. ★ Sweep, vacuum and mop  floor. ★ Clean oven and top of stove. ★ Microwave ovens. ★  Inside fridge. ★ Clean and shine counters. ★ Clean and shine sink. ★ Wipe down and clean all splash backs, moldings, doors, interior glass, and window sills. ★ Clean and shine appliances with specialized products. ★ Empty dish washer and put away where possible.


Scrub tile and grout, scrub baths and showers, shine and descale taps. ★ Clean interior glass and shelves, descale and polish glass shower doors. ★ Scrub inside, around and behind toilet. ★ Clean and shine light fittings, mirrors and cabinets. ★ Sweep, vacuum and mop floors.

Living / Dining Room

Wash all moldings, doors, baseboards, blinds. ★ Sweep, vacuum / mop  all floors – hardwood or carpet / rugs. ★ Clean and shine light fittings and ceiling fans. ★ Clean and shine interior glass. ★ Vacuum all couches and chairs, dust and polish furniture, clean fireplaces.


Wash all moldings, doors, baseboards, closet doors. ★ Sweep, vacuum  / mop floors – hardwood or carpet / rugs.  ★ Clean and shine all light fittings and ceiling fans. ★ Clean and shine interior glass. ★ Make / change beds, dust  furniture, shine mirrors.


Vacuum and wipe down staircase and rail.

Laundry Room

Wipe clean machines, empty lint catcher in dryer, mop floor.

Hag Maintenance Cleaning is:

Sweep, vacuum / mop all floors, vacuum carpets / rugs – all rooms. ★ Clean and shine bathroom. ★ Make / change beds. ★ Vacuum couches and chairs. ★ Dust ceiling fans. ★ Wipe down kitchen cabinets and countertops, wipe down window sills. ★ Dust and polish furniture. ★ Remove garbage.